S2E2: Processing and Responding to Birth Trauma with Carlee Russell

{Trigger Warning: Birth Trauma}

Nearly twenty years ago, Carlee Russell experienced a traumatic birth. Unfortunately, that was just the first of what would be a total of three difficult birth experiences. Carlee candidly shares about this time in her life, and how she’s processed that season of life in the years that followed. Carlee also answers deeply heart-felt and raw listener questions: Can a traumatic birth be beautiful? What makes birth beautiful in the light of the Gospel? What constitutes strength during birth? Why does sin come in and seemingly ‘tarnish’ some births, while others experience beauty, laughter, peace during their births? Especially for parents who have experienced a traumatic birth, our hope is that when you listen to this episode you will know you are not alone. Our hope is that you will see the heart of God for you during this time.


“Shall we receive good from God, and shall we not receive evil?” In all this Job did not sin with his lips.” Job 2:10

Healthcare Tips that Carlee Shared for Medical Appointments

– Bring support with you, whether in-person or virtual.

– Take detailed notes or even a recording of your appointments for future reference.

– Carlee recommended the recording app Abridge.

– Get contact info from your provider for followup questions. 

– Know that you have a right to courteous time.

– Don’t be afraid for a second opinion.

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