S1 E6 & S1 E7: Infant Loss, Gratitude, and God’s Faithfulness with Abigail Eades

Part 1

Part 2

I encourage you to be undistracted and open when you listen to this episode. It is a powerful and emotional one. Today’s show begins the story of Abigail Eades. She is a wife and mom of three baby girls – two of her girls live with Abigail and her husband, and one lives in Heaven with Jesus. Part 1 covers Abigail’s infertility journey, the pregnancy and birth of her firstborn, and the pregnancy, life, and death of her second daughter Sarabeth. Part 2 covers events immediately following the passing of Sarabeth to present day, and includes a brief question and answer with Abigail to close the episode. 


The microblog account Abigail runs to commemorate her daughter is on Instagram @ahealinggratitude and on Facebook.

Abigail’s essential oils business can be found on Instagram @joyessential and on Facebook.

Hope Mommies dot org is an online resource for Christian families experiencing miscarriage, pregnancy, and infant loss. (You can read Abigail’s story here.)

Bible teacher and author Nancy Guthrie, herself a mom who has experienced infant loss, runs a Respite Retreat for grieving parents.

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