Oh friends, I feel like I’m pregnant with a baby all over again! This project is still growing and developing, but very soon it’ll be ready to meet the world!

My name is Victoria. I’m the person behind this podcast! You can learn more about me on my Instagram account @victoriaeasterwilson or my doula business account @motherwelldoula.

I hope this project will be a beautiful blend of both my personal and work mission statements. “I will see and savor Christ in every aspect of my life.” “I will contribute to positive and healthy birth experiences for families.”

I’ve been married to Ben – my pastor husband – since 2013. Our three girls keep our house brimming with love and laughter ….. aaaannnndd a little not crazy let’s be real! (Pssst. You’ll hear ‘Pastor Ben’ as a returning guest on the show & I can’t wait to share a taste of the Bible-based wisdom and encouragement I enjoy all the time!)

The Born Again Birth Podcast is scheduled to release Monday, July 20th! I’m so looking forward to our time together.

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