S2E5: Bumps, Babies and the Gospel with Sarah Dargue

Have you purchased the pregnancy pillow, taken the birth class, styled the nursery, but STILL feel unprepared for all parenting is about to throw at you? Friend, you are absolutely not alone. And Sarah Dargue’s book Bumps, Babies and the Gospel might be just the remedy you’re looking for! Sarah believes there is “no better preparation for having a baby and beginning the parenting journey, than what we are offered in Christ Himself.” Her book is best described as ‘a prenatal class for your heart’ and I think that’s just what the midwife ordered. Our conversation was delightful, heartfelt, and reflective. I hope you will enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording! Sarah’s heart for the Lord and perspectives are a great encouragement.


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Psalm 27

Proverbs 4:23 

The Book of Colossians