S2E6: Bible Birth Stories – Hagar and Sarah

By listener request, I hope this ‘Bible Birth Story’ will be the first of many on the podcast! Today my friend and fellow church member Brooke Goble joins me behind the mic and, together, we talk through the birth stories of Hagar and Sarah. For many of us, the Old Testament can be daunting. Our church has been teaching us how to study narrative so we can better understand such portions of the Bible. We thought recording a show together would be a great opportunity to exercise those study skills! This account is full of hope, drama, and God’s faithfulness despite unfaithful people. As you listen, we hope you are encouraged in your own devotions!


How To Study Narrative – Theology for You

God of Covenant – Jen Wilkin, LifeWay


Call of Abram – Genesis 12:1-7

Abram and Sarai in Egypt – Genesis 12:8-20

Covenant with Abram – Genesis 15:1-20

Sarai and Hagar, Ishmael Born – Genesis 16:1-16

Covenant of Circumcision, Abram’s Name Changed – Genesis 17:1-14

Sarai’s Name Changed, Isaac Promised – Genesis 17:15-27

3 Men at Mamre Promising Isaac – Genesis 18:1-21

Abraham Travels to Negeb, Abimelech – Genesis 20:1-18

Isaac Born – Genesis 21:1-7

Sarah Casts Out Hagar, God Protects Hagar – Genesis 21:8-21


Offspring, Covenant, Laughter, Closed Wombs, Infertility, Deception, Self-Reliance, Protection