If you’re currently pregnant, you probably want to soak up all you can to make these 9 months as joyful and memorable as possible!

You want facts, and you don’t want to have to sort through worldly opinions and agendas to get them. You want the kind of encouragement that lasts, and not some kind of greeting-card sentimentality. You also want community, a space to talk through your pregnancy questions, fears, and realizations with others.

That’s exactly what I hope you’ll find here. Meet the Born Again Birth Podcast!

On this podcast, I hope to help you understand and apply the Bible to birth.

My name is Victoria, and I’m your host. I truly do view my role as a host, because I want to cultivate conversation and community around the intersection of Birth and the Bible. I’m a pastor’s wife, a mom of three spunky girls, and a birth doula – which means I spend a lot of time thinking about childbirth. I have a heart for Christian moms to approach pregnancy and birth with a sense of peace, levelheadedness, and confidence in the Lord.

We’re just getting started! Do you want to dive deeper with Born Again Birth?


S1 E10: My Birth Stories & Motherhood Journey + An Exciting Addition to Born Again Birth

As we round out Season 1, I wanted to close on a personal note. In this episode, I’ll share the birth stories of my three girls and talk about my journey into motherhood. As I recorded this episode, I was in so much awe of God’s faithfulness! Two of my favorite promises from Scripture are, …

S1 Ep 8: What Does God say about Birth Trauma & Obstetric Violence with Pastor Ben

Today, we will be discussing a difficult topic: birth trauma and obstetric violence. Though we bear and reflect the image of God, that image is like a cracked mirror fragmented by the effects of sin. Because our world is under the curse of sin, image-bearers abuse other image-bearers. This leaves a path of destruction and …

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